Smart Energy Management as a Service (SEMaaS)

Smart energy management can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to reduce waste, reduce spend and increase building performance, choose Smart Energy Management as a Service (SEMaaS) from the experts at ETS.

We include everything you need under one streamlined service, so there’s no need to outsource to multiple providers.

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What is Smart Energy Management?

Smart energy management uses real-time data analytics and the latest technologies to help businesses reduce their energy consumption; saving them money in the process. This is achieved using smart energy management systems, which monitor, control, measure, and optimise energy consumption in a building, factory, or any facility. 

The data from the smart energy management system is then analysed, to identify areas of opportunity where consumption could be reduced and money savings made. Smart energy management is becoming increasingly vital for businesses, especially in the current climate of rising energy prices and carbon emission targets.

What is Smart Energy Management?

Smart energy management as a service - what sets us apart?


With so many different technologies and services on the market, businesses can often find themselves outsourcing contracts to several different providers. This is not the case when you choose smart energy management aa service (SEMaaS) from ETS – we combine everything under one service and one company, saving you time, money and hassle. 


Smart energy management as a service - what sets us apart?

Your smart energy management experts

We don’t just install smart energy management systems – we have an expert team of building engineers, controls specialists, data scientists and energy and carbon managers to provide a full end to end service.

Our combined engineering, strategy and technology expertise is what sets us apart – ETS is where the digital meets physical, to save you money, ensure compliance, reach sustainability goals and maximise building performance. 

Your smart energy management experts

How does the SEMaaS process work?

Smart energy management as a service can be broken down into five steps:

  • Policy and planning
  • Data and diagnostics
  • Optimisation and implementation
  • Monitoring, measurement and analytics
  • Audit and iteration.

The process does not have to be linear and customers can start the journey at any stage, from initial planning through to energy audits. 

Smart – think about what you’d want the outcome to be, what resources you need to apply and over what timeframe. ETS will gather all your relevant data sets and deploy experienced engineers to audit your facility and major energy users. Clever controls specialists will interrogate your control systems and experienced energy managers will make sense of all this information so that we can advise, manage, optimise and drive down your real time energy consumption.

Why you need smart energy management as a service

There’s never been a more urgent time to get smart about your energy management. With energy prices rising at an alarming rate and the pressing issue of climate change, businesses need to act now if they want to reach sustainability goals and get maximum value for money. 

Many businesses already have smart energy management systems in place, but different providers are often brought in to analyse the data or implement the necessary changes. With smart energy management as a service from ETS, we provide all the services you need in tandem so you don’t waste any time. 

The benefits of smart energy management

  • Reduced energy costs – Spend less on energy and reduce running costs thanks to increased operational efficiency – plus protect your business from energy price volatility. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint – The UK has set a target to decarbonise all sectors of the economy and reach Net Zero by 2050. It’s crucial that all businesses play their part and SEMaaS is the first step to help achieve those sustainability goals. 
  • Improved performance – Our services include performance audits, smart net zero strategies, BMS control technologies and much more, all proven to maximise your building’s performance. 
  • Optimised systems for less energy waste – Improved operational efficiency means less energy waste (and money savings too). 
  • Increased return on investment – ETS have a proven track record of significant ROI for our clients. One Irish non-food retail client had a £33k contract and £130k energy savings achieved – that’s a 400% return on investment.
  • Ensure compliance – Qualifying organisations must carry out an ESOS assessment every four years. SEMaaS reduces your energy consumption to ensure your business stays compliant and energy efficient. 

Why Choose ETS?

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ETS is where the digital meets physical – we are balancing the drivers of business with the needs of humanity. We’ve been excelling in this field for over 25 years, serving some of the biggest brands to deliver money savings, reduced emissions and more efficient performance. 

Smart energy management as a service is available to any company who wants to reduce waste, reduce spend and increase performance. To discuss your requirements, get in touch with us today.

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Our approach is applicable to any sector

Whatever your sector, and no matter the size of your estate, we can assist you to drive forward energy, engineering and carbon performance – from individual buildings to 1000+ property portfolios, throughout the UK and Europe.

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