Our Approach

At ETS we save you energy, carbon and money. 

Whilst the principles are consistent, businesses have variations in their drivers, challenges and dynamics which ultimately require solutions that are specific, flexible and scalable.

We provide you with tailored Energy, Engineering & Carbon Management services – integrating the physical and digital worlds to reduce energy and carbon, optimise space utilisation, and promote health and wellbeing.

Enhancing value

Commercial Real Estate

Against a backdrop of an increasing market demand for more sustainable buildings and enhanced tracking and reporting of ESG metrics across portfolios globally, legislative and market forces are impacting organisations across all sectors, through increased exposure to energy and carbon costs and risk of asset obsolescence and devaluation.

Addressing the pressures faced by Asset and Property Managers, our work delivers:

  • Improved operational efficiency: reduced running costs & financial savings
  • Healthy, ‘Smart’ and flexible workspaces for occupiers
  • Obsolescence risk management, ‘future-proofing’ and asset value protection
  • Robust pathways to Net Zero status
Commercial Real Estate

Financial efficiency


With the increasing prevalence of e-commerce and potential need to restructure property portfolios, an enhanced demand for insight into environmental performance to meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders, and an evolving requirement for real-time metrics and flexibility to facilitate estate planning, the challenges facing the retail sector are numerous.

Through our longstanding experience with retailers of all sizes, our work provides:

  • Reduced operational costs and exposure to energy price volatility
  • Deep insight into property performance to facilitate portfolio planning
  • Engineering optimisation to ensure robust building operation
  • Improved environmental credentials, reputation and market position
  • Multi-site improvement roll-out programmes at pace and scale

Optimising operations

Industrial and Logistics

With a significant increase in demand for industrial and logistics space to accommodate the growth of online shopping, potential increases in operational overheads being driven by legislative pressures, and our enhanced need for quality and adaptable facilities, the rapid shifts being experienced in the sector require a flexible and robust approach to energy management.

Our work supports organisations in the I&L sector through:

  • Ensuring operational continuity of estates
  • Overhead reduction and improved efficiency
  • Improved sustainability and carbon performance
  • Supply chain (Scope 3) emissions reductions
Industrial and Logistics

Our approach is applicable to any sector

Whatever your sector, and no matter the size of your estate, we can assist you to drive forward energy, engineering and carbon performance – from individual buildings to 1000+ property portfolios, throughout the UK and Europe.

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