Installation & Commissioning

Main Benefits:

Where required, we support ongoing operational performance of your buildings though robust commissioning.

Similarly, our approach to handover and training, ensures that all appropriate building users are able to fully utilise systems to their full potential, and are supported by ongoing maintenance to promote and enhance their equipment’s longevity.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

Detailed and accurate commissioning of equipment upgrades is a key element to ensuring optimal performance.

The need to ensure that building services and control systems are appropriately installed and commissioned is vital to ensuring that the systems themselves, and those that they integrate with, operate to their full potential and minimise operational cost and carbon.

Failure to appropriately commissioning building systems is a significant contributory factor to the ‘performance gap’ – where buildings and systems do not operate as designed and fail to deliver on their pre-installation projections.

Where required, our team of Chartered Engineers and Automation experts will install and commission system upgrades fully, integrating them with existing in-situ equipment and technology, and adopt a ‘soft landings’ approach to handover with your teams, fully supporting and training all relevant stakeholders.

Additionally, we can provide ongoing programmes of maintenance and service, to promote system longevity and continual optimal operation. 


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